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Premier-Quality Concrete Coatings in Jacksonville, FL

Whether you’re looking to re-do your patio to match your pool decks new, high-end coating, or the walkways throughout your property need reviving, Shark Coatings can help. We’ve beautified properties all over Northeast Florida for the past two decades with our high-end concrete coating systems. No one wants to walk on crumbling paths or deal with a cracking patio. With the help of our contractors, you can ensure all your concrete areas are adorned with top-of-the-line coating solutions. We can even fix epoxy failures! No matter the scope of your project, our team has the knowledge and experience to transform your landscape completely. It’s no wonder we’re the region’s premier choice for high-grade finishes and unrivaled customer care. Keep reading about how our team can enhance the patios and walkways on your property or call now to get started.

Enhance Your Property’s Aesthetic

When you invest in our concrete coating services, you can rest assured our company delivers the best products and customer care in the industry. As proud dealers of Shark™ coating systems, we understand how premier-quality coatings should perform and what they should look like. If you’re dealing with crumbling concrete and peeling epoxy, give our team a call right away for repairs. Don’t let these fixable issues lessen the appeal of your property by hesitating. Our coatings will benefit your patios and walkways for the following reasons:

  • Our concrete coatings come with a double, unbeatable 15-year and lifetime warranty
  • Shark™ coatings are 20x more durable than epoxy solutions
  • Choosing our coatings ensures your patios and walkways are UV resistant (no fade!)
  • With Shark™ coating systems, you also receive surfaces that are rust and tire mark resistant
  • No matter the aesthetic you’re going for, we offer a variety of styles and colors of coating
  • Our concrete coatings are virtually maintenance-free and easy to clean
  • Our contractors can even fix old concrete and epoxy failures

Call Shark Coatings Today!

Shark Coatings is the team to call when you want to enhance the look of your property’s patio or walkways. With long-lasting solutions, timeless finishes, and an increase in safety, there’s no wonder Northeast Florida property owners have been relying on our coatings for over 20 years. Contact us today, and we’d be happy to help you pick the perfect concrete coating for your home.

You Ready?